Protein diet — the essence of great food and menu

The word "diet" often drives people into depression. Not all are tempted by the prospect daily to eat fresh food, constantly limit yourself and give up the "tasty".

Protein menu

However, the devil is not so terrible (in our case, diet) as it paint. Self-restraint and diet food do not refer to all diets. For example, the protein diet is quite nutritious. By staying on it, you in the short term reduce weight without denying themselves at the same time in their beloved us dairy , meat and fish products.

The essence of the protein diet

The essence of the protein diet is simple — low carb and fat, high proteins. At least — does not mean complete absence. Fats and carbohydrates — essential in the human diet. However, to consume their protein diet requires small servings, together with sweaty meat, fish and other types of protein.

Remember the main rule of diet food: no diet should not cause harm to the body.

The role of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body

Protein – "Foundation and walls" of cells and organs. Increase in the diet strengthens the body and normalizes weight. But the building blocks of the human body held firm, they need to "cement" and "grease" with other substances.

The best "lubricant" is fat. But they should be used in strictly rationed amounts. Excess leads to various problems, of which obesity is not the serious.

Carbohydrates — energy sources. But their number in comparison with the protein should be substantially lower. If calories are not spent, they are deposited in the form of extra pounds. Want to be in shape — beware of sweet, pastries, bananas, grapes, figs and other sources of carbohydrates.

Rules of the meal

There are a number of rules which will make any diet successful.

Here are the main ones:

  • drink in the morning on an empty stomach a glass of warm water or water with lemon;
  • Breakfast in half an hour after waking up;
  • rice and cereals are allowed in the first half of the day;
  • citrus and unsweetened fruit allowed until 14:00;
  • you are only allowed vegetable oil, a few tablespoons per day;
  • each meal should be proteins;
  • dinner 3 hours before sleep;
  • a day should be 5-6 meals;
  • drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day;
  • prohibited starchy foods, sweet fruits, fatty sauces;
  • products eat raw, baked with no sauces and cheese, boiled form.

The advantages and disadvantages of diet

Menu protein diet for weight loss

Like any other method for shedding excess weight, protein diet for weight loss has its advantages and disadvantages.


By the undisputed advantages of a protein diet are the following points:

  1. Harmlessness. Used products will not cause harm to the body if a person has no hypersensitive to some of them.
  2. Beautiful shape and long term results. Waiver of carbohydrates forces the body to consume its own reserves, "eating" the excess fat.
  3. Satiation food. Protein foods satisfy hunger. After her not want to eat anything else.
  4. Can be a constant diet.
  5. Protein diet + exercise will accelerate the desired result.


Disadvantages protein diet much less, but they are still there:

  1. Long rejection of carbohydrates (strict diet) is fraught with problems in the brain, nervous system, unpleasant smell from the mouth and from the body.
  2. Such a diet is contraindicated if you have problems in kidney, gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system.

A complete table of products

Below are the full table of products, the most protein-rich. The table shows the content of protein and fat per 100 g of product. Save the table and print if necessary.

Menu options

Baked, boiled, steamed, stewed way of cooking food in protein diet. Allowed to eat raw fruits and vegetables. On request they can also be subjected to heat treatment.

Dishes this menu will not bother. The main thing to remember is that in a mandatory meal should be 150-200 grams of protein. Variations of dishes depending on duration of diet. A special mode can be calculated for 7, 10, 14 and 30 days.

Menu for 7 days

To determine if protein diet plan for beginning to experience a diet menu for a week. This menu for the 7 days you can make your changes depending on personal preference or tolerance by organism of those or other products.

Day 1 Breakfastlow-fat cottage cheese, tea/coffee without sugar
Snack1 Apple
Lunchbeef stew with vegetables
Snacka glass of ordinary yogurt or plain yogurt
Dinnervegetable soup
Day 2 Breakfastoatmeal with added dried fruit, tea or coffee without sugar
Snack1 orange
Lunchchicken broth with vegetables
Snackcake cheese without additives
Dinnerbaked fish with herbs and spices
Day 3 Breakfastthe egg white omelette, tea or coffee without sugar
Snacka handful of berries or one piece of fruit
Lunchsoup with broccoli and chicken
Snacka Cup of yogurt
Dinnerboiled fish and vegetables
Day 4 Breakfastlow-fat cottage cheese, tea/coffee
Snackone glass of fresh juice
Lunchthe steamed fish with rice, 100 grams of salad from vegetables
Snacka handful of nuts
Dinnervegetable broth
Day 5 Breakfasttwo hardboiled eggs with a slice of wholemeal bread, tea or coffee without sugar
Snack1 baked Apple
Lunch200 g of beef stew with beans
Snacka glass of kefir or yogurt without any additives
Dinnergrilled fish and vegetable salad
Day 6 Breakfast2 pancakes with cheese, tea or coffee without sugar
Snackwhole orange or half a grapefruit
Lunch200 g of salad, boiled meat
Snacktwo hard-boiled eggs
Dinnerchicken fillet steamed, with salad
Day 7 Breakfastthe steamed fish with a side dish of asparagus, tea/coffee without sugar
Lunchveal in a pot with vegetables
Snacksavoury cheese
Dinnersoup with meatballs
This is a sample menu for a week with the protein diet. Adjust it depending on personal preference. The Internet is easy to find lots of different recipes. In this mode of nutrition is quite possible to lose 5-7 pounds in a week. Protein diet for weight loss

Menu for 10 days

Rapid weight loss results guarantees a rigid protein mono-diet – the day is allowed to eat only one kind of products without adding oil and spices. Be sure to drink about 2 liters of water daily. Coffee is not allowed. With this diet it is possible to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.

A sample diet with protein mono-diet:

Day 1 – eggOn this day, allowed to eat only boiled eggs
Day 2 – fishSteam or boiled fish is the main dish.
Day 3 – cheeseLow-fat cottage cheese, recommended volume – up to 1 kg.
Day 4 – chickenBoiled or baked chicken without the skin.
Day 5 – potatoTo eat only potatoes.
Day 6 – beefBoiled beef or veal make up the diet of the day.
Day 7 – vegetableRaw, boiled, steam vegetables – food for the whole day. Forbidden potato.
Day 8 – fruitPreference is desirable to give the fruits that have sour taste. Forbidden bananas and grapes.
Day 9 – kefirLow-fat or low-fat yogurt is a food.
Day 10 – wild roseThis day belongs to beverages, as a minimum you need to drink a liter of broth hips.

After this diet the result is obvious. But the common mono and can hurt, especially the digestive system. It was a strict variant protein diet. These ten days, you can eat a similar diet, as with weekly weight loss.

Menu for 14 days

Day 1


Breakfastlow-fat cottage cheese, green tea
Snackone Apple
Lunchbraised rabbit with boiled peas or French beans
Snacka Cup of yogurt
Dinnergrilled fish and tomato salad with salad and lemon juice
Day 2


Breakfastoatmeal with fruit, tea/coffee without sugar
Snackhalf or a whole grapefruit
Lunchbeef stew in pot with vegetables
Snacka glass of milk
Dinnerboiled sea fish, boiled wild (brown) rice
Day 3Breakfast2 boiled eggs, 2 slices whole-grain bread, an empty tea
Snacka handful of dried fruit
Lunchvegetable soup with meatballs
SnackCup yogurt
Dinnerchicken fillet baked with vegetables
Day 4Breakfasta Cup of yogurt and 2 whole-grain bread or diet cookies
Snackbaked Apple
Lunchveal and a simple salad of tomatoes and peppers
Snacka handful of nuts
Dinnerseafood with seaweed
Day 5


Breakfastlow-fat cottage cheese with dried fruit, green tea without sugar
Snackwhole orange
Lunchfish stew and tomatoes with lemon juice
Snacka Cup of yogurt
Dinnersteam chicken cutlets and salad
Day 6


Breakfast2 boiled eggs, vegetable salad and tea/coffee without sugar
Snackone Apple
Lunchveal stew with cabbage
Snacka glass of nonfat milk
Dinnerboiled beans with vegetable salad, yogurt
Day 7Breakfastporridge
Snacka few crackers and tea
Lunchstewed chicken liver with tomato and peppers
Snacka Cup of yogurt
Dinnercanned fish salad with cucumber, pepper and lettuce
Day 8Breakfastsome baked cheesecakes and tea without sugar
Snackthe fresh juice of fruits or berries
Lunchboiled veal with sauerkraut
Snackplain yogurt
Dinnersalad with boiled eggs and vegetables, yogurt
Day 9Breakfastbaked sea fish with asparagus, tea or coffee without sugar
Snackany citrus
Lunchveal with boiled peas
Snackcottage cheese with nuts
Dinnerthe salad and meatballs
Day 10


Breakfastoatmeal, tea/coffee without sugar
Lunchchicken sausage, salad of cabbage and cucumber with lemon juice
Snacka Cup of yogurt
Dinnervegetable soup with broccoli
Day 11Breakfastfruit salad, green tea
Snacka handful of nuts
Lunchbeef stew, salad
Snacksoufflé cheese
Dinnerfish, baked with spices, boiled vegetables
Day 12Breakfastboiled eggs, whole-grain bread, tea
Snackveggie salad
Lunchvegetable soup breast of chicken
Snacklow-fat cottage cheese
Dinnerrabbit stewed with vegetables
Day 13


Breakfasta glass of milk and diet cookies
Snacka couple of biscuits wholemeal
Lunchboiled chicken with rice, vegetable salad
Snacka Cup of plain yogurt
Dinnerfish soup, tomato salad
Day 14Breakfastcottage cheese with fruit, tea or coffee without sugar
Snacka handful of fresh or defrosted berries
Lunchbeef, stewed with beans
Snacka Cup of yogurt
Dinnerseafood mix with vegetable salad

After spending two weeks on a protein diet is also quite possible to lose up to 10 lbs. But unlike the 10 day program, you will lose weight smoothly and gentle to the body mode.

Menu for a month

The toughest people can choose and 30-day weight loss program. The principle is similar, but will need much more willpower. However, all kompensiruet impressive results. Some manage to lose in such a short period of up to 20 kg.